Cockpit4u B747

Version 2.3

The first B747 App worldwide providing training of systemknowledge for current and future B747 pilots.
This App was developed by active pilots and contains more than 300 practical questions in English or Chinese from all aircraft systems.

             What's new in version 2.3

  • Modifications for iPhone 6+ and 7+.
Available on the iPhone

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch,
and iPad. Requires iOS 4.3 or later.

Cockpit Boeing B747

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The Boeing B747

B747 App Question Preview

What temp does Passenger ALTN temp control set?

- Air Conditioning

What is the Maximum Landing Weight (freighter)?

- Limitations

What is the maximum EGT during take-off?

- Engines (PW)

Approach idle is used to allow rapid engine acceleration and is automatically selected at...?

- Engines (RR)

The minimum pavement width for a 180° turn with symetric thrust and no braking is...?

- Aircraft General

How can a radio tuning panel be disconnected from the communication radios?

- Communication

Where does the pitot static system provide pitot pressure and static pressure to?

- Flight Instruments

How can you display FD indication when airspeed is greater than 80 kts and the flaps are out of up with the FD switch(es) OFF?

- Auto Flight System

Where can I get support ?

If you have questions or suggestions please use our contact page.
We will assist you at any time.

Can I add my own questions ?

You can add as many questions and answers as you like in the existing categories (e.g. Hydraulic, Flight Controls...).

Are there any other Apps ?

At the moment there are the following Airbus and Boeing Apps available:
A320 App, A330 App, A340 App, A380 App, B737 App, B747 App, B777 App, B787 App.
There are also several Dive Apps available.

Who are the actors in development and conception?

Stefan Heuss:

Since 1992 active pilot on different aircrafts. Today Pilot & Instructor on Boeing and Airbus.

Dr. Steffen Lange:

Consultant, trainer and lecturer in marketing, sales and management systems with affinity to the Internet.

Marco Rey y Sander:

Software-Consultant and developer since 1997.
He started developing for Windows and Windows Mobile, now he attends to develope
for iOS from Apple only.

David Kurek:

Sound and Web Designer, graduand for ActionScrip3 applications.

The Team

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